Core Purpose and Values

CP International’s Core Purpose and Mission

Our core purpose and mission at CP International is to help people build better, brighter futures.

CP International’s Core Values

1. Belief and Investment in Our People

Belief and Investment in Our People

At CP International we consider our people to be our most valued assets. When our clients need something done, they are not just working with a company – they are working and communicating with our consultants and professionals, who are real people – not faceless numbers in a call centre somewhere.

We may navigate our way through laws, regulations and institutional policies all day but at the end of the day, our business is about people, and the most important people to us are our own.

This means that we invest in training our people, above and beyond what our professional service firms are willing to do. We expect our people to act with honesty and integrity, and we encourage our people to be self-aware and to strive to improve themselves, always.

For our clients, it means that they able to talk to a real person – probably the person who will see their case through to a successful education or migration outcome for them. It means that they are drawing on real knowledge and experience, and they are able to receive the best service possible, faster, and with fewer complications.

2. Get it Done

Get it Done

For us, the most important part of being in professional services is simply getting the work done. Because no matter what, we are ultimately responsible for delivering on what we have promised to our clients – whether it’s a lodged visa application or a completed document translation.

This means that we strive to deliver a high standard of work, with both speed and accuracy. We give our people the room to come up with innovative solutions and to problem-solve for all our clients. We will always try to do the right thing, and the best that we can.

For our clients, it means that they are serviced by professionals who will go above and beyond the call of duty to get things done for them, and that they can expect good and timely service. And most importantly – we deliver on what we have promised.

3. Teamwork


At CP International we are always looking to help pull one another up to new heights. We draw on each other’s experiences and specialities to help service our clients better, and faster. We believe in sharing what we know and in learning from each other.

For our clients, it means that when they become a CP International client, they receive the benefit of a whole team’s knowledge and experience supporting their case. Whatever the situation, chances are someone in one of our offices has resolved something similar before. This is the true power of teamwork, and the advantage of engaging a firm of consultants rather than a solo education or migration practitioner – we simply have more combined knowledge and experience and the ability to tap into it.

If you share these values and are interested in working with us, please see how you can apply to Join CP International.