We recently held our annual CP International staff development programme in Bangkok. This year we decided to take a break from processing visas, enrolling students and helping our clients build better and brighter future for themselves… and test our deductive skills at Escape Room Bangkok (https://www.facebook.com/THAEscapeRoom/).

Our Bangkok team paired off into 3 groups and each chose a different Escape Room to tackle.

We had….

The Mummy Returns with:

  • Noi
  • Kongkaew
  • May
  • Tum

Prison Break with:

  • Toffy
  • Fang
  • Moddang
  • Pa Tim

Crime Scene: Homicide Unit with:

  • Yang
  • Gam
  • Aaron
  • Mart

Everyone managed to make it to the final puzzle in each room… only to run out of time!

But fun times were still had by all and we’re all ready to go back and try it again sometime.

And of course, as is the usual CP International tradition, we followed our activities with lots and lots of delicious food – we often joke that “Eat well” is our company’s 4th Core Value.

If you have an interest in escape rooms, education, migration or simply helping people build better and brighter futures for themselves… let us know – we’re always looking for new team members to join CP International and we have offices in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Melbourne and Sydney. You can find out more at our Join CP International page.

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