It’s been an exciting few months at CP International, with us welcoming a number of new team members to our different offices.

We welcomed Toffy Viwattavonwong as our Operations Coordinator and Fang Ruensuk and Gam Boontanom as Consultants & Case Managers in Bangkok and Aii Maithong as a Consultant & Case Manager in Chiang Mai.

Here’s a little bit about them in their own words:

Toffy Viwattavonwong

Hello, I’m Toffy, and I work as Operations Coordinator at CP International Bangkok. I love to spending time with my cats, traveling, and I also enjoy eating Sushi.

Fang Ruensuk

Hi! my name is Fang. I’m a Consultant and Case Manager at CP International Bangkok. I enjoy watching series, reading novels, and trying new food. Additionally, I would like to help clients create better and brighter

Gam Boontanom

Hey Guys! You can call me Gam, I recently joined CP International Bangkok as a consultant and case manager. Travelling is my passion and food is my life! xoxo

Aii Maithong

Hi! I’m Aii, a consultant and case manager from CP international Chiang Mai. I completely extremely love Harry Potter and Disney cartoon. Besides, I enjoy talking with new people and sharing new experience with them. ^^

We’re always excited to have new team members join us at CP International – if you’re in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Sydney or Melbourne and would like to join our team – let us know through our Join CP International page.

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