Join CP International

What is it like to work at CP International?

Become the best version of yourself

We believe and invest in our people, and want you to become a better professional and the best person you can be. If for you this means a greater work-life balance, then we want that. If it means more challenging projects, then we want that too. We don’t see any reason why our people cannot have it all.

Help our clients

It’s all about our clients. Our mission is to help people build better and brighter futures for themselves and their family, so the work you do will be making a real difference in people’s lives, their education, their residency options and their opportunities in life.

Know where the goalposts are

We pride ourselves in being open and transparent about what is going on inside the company. Office politics and backroom gossip can stay away!


All our people are given a large degree of autonomy in what they do and how they do it. You’ll be given an opportunity to come up with innovative solutions for your clients. If you like being micromanaged… this is probably not the place for you.

Share and learn

We believe in bringing out the best in each other and are always looking for ways to pull each other up. When someone has knowledge and experience at CP International we share it – we don’t keep it to ourselves.


We have offices situated in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Melbourne and Sydney giving you the opportunity to live where you want, and make the biggest impact in an environment than suits you. You’ll get to work with people in both Australia, Thailand and elsewhere, and be able to travel for staff development events, business development opportunities and company retreats.

We’re also flexible when it comes to working arrangements – if you think you can help us with our mission to help people build better, brighter futures while working remotely, let us know.

CP International’s Mission

Dr Visa

Our mission is to help people build better and brighter futures.

This applies to both our clients and our people.

For our clients, it means helping them achieve their education, migration or pathway outcomes.

For our people, it means believing in and investing in them – and helping them develop into the best professionals (and people) that they can be.

CP International’s Core Values

We recruit people based on a fit with our core values, and they are a large part of our regular performance reviews.

If you don’t think you resonate with any of our core values, please don’t apply!

Our Core Values are:

  • Belief and Investment in our People.
  • Get it Done.
  • Teamwork.

Read more about our Core Values here.

Open Positions

Here are the positions we are currently recruiting for:

  • Education Sale Consultant / Case Manager (Full-time ONSHORE)  
    The role requires a high level of client exposure, successful candidate should be an excellent communicator with the ability to develop and maintain good working relationship in all areas with clients, institutions, DHA and other related organisations. Here’s what we’re looking for:
    – This is a full-time position.
    – The legal right to work full-time in Australia (i.e., Australian citizen, permanent resident or other applicable work visa).
    – Thai language skills at a professional or native level.
    – English language skills at a professional level.
    – Bachelor’s degree or higher in any field.
    And here’s the official list of what you’ll be doing:
    – Provide advice of a publicly-available and general nature regarding visa and migration issues.
    – Assist education counsellors and Registered Migration Agents in the preparation of paperwork and documentation.
    – Assist with document translations between Thai and English.
    – Follow up with client enquiries.
    – Assist with both online and offline marketing events and activities.
    – Help maintain and update client files and records.
    – Assist with ongoing client care, support and correspondence over phone, email and messaging, potentially after hours.
    – Assist students in coordinating between themselves and their family members while they are studying abroad.
    – Assist students in coordinating between themselves and their institution as needed, for example with academic issues.
    – Assist students upon their arrival in Australia and help ease any potential culture shock.
    – Keep in touch with students to monitor their academic and personal progress.
    – Liaise with our business partners, including institutions, government departments and other parties.
    Any work experience in the education or migration sectors is a bonus and we expect all candidates to demonstrate a high level of personal responsibility and self-direction in their work. We’re looking for someone service-oriented and who has high standards of professional conduct and ethics.
    If you think you are a suitable candidate, please send your:
    1. Latest photo.
    2. Document(s) of your visa status (e.g., passport with current valid visa pages).
    3. Resume and Cover Letter.
    4. English test results (if applicable).
    Office Manager, Melbourne
    Tel: 0412 932 924

Unless otherwise specified, we accept people from all educational and work experience backgrounds.

General Positions

We also generally are always looking for great people to join our team, especially as:

  • Registered Migration Agents.
  • Case Managers.
  • Education Consultants.

If you would like to apply, please fill in the linked form with your CV and Cover Letter, and let us know if and how you share our Core Values, and why you are interested in joining CP International.