Why Choose CP International?

Our Mission

At CP International we deeply believe in helping people build better and brighter futures.

Our professionalism and client service attitude is the result of over 20+ years of experience in helping our clients attain successful education and migration outcomes. During that time we’ve:

Here are some other reasons why you should choose CP International.

Our Core Values

Our first core value is Belief and Investment in Our People.

This means that our staffs have access to the best training, equipment and resources available to them – which means:

  • Better and faster service for you.
  • That we get it right the first time.
  • That you get your desired education or migration outcome, faster.
  • A high success rate.
  • You will have more certainty that your case or application is being properly handled.

Our second core value is to Get It Done.

This means that:

  • We’ll go the extra mile for you when necessary.
  • If we have to stay after hours, work on weekends or do overtime to get it done, we will.
  • The interests of our clients come first.
  • You have the peace of mind that your case will get done – and that it isn’t sitting in a drawer somewhere collecting dust.

Our third core value is Teamwork.

We recognise that every client’s situation is unique, and we are able to draw on the expertise of our network of consultants around the world to help you out. This means that:

  • Whatever your situation, we have probably seen something similar before.
  • You get the full knowledge and experience of a team of consultants, not just one solo practitioner.
  • You get to work with people, not just a faceless company.
  • You can rest assured that your case is being looked at from all angles, and being handled by the most suitable consultant.

Note: You can read more about our Core Values here.

20+ Years of Experience

We’ve been helping foreign nationals studying in and attain visas for Australia for over 20 years. Whatever your case is – we’ve seen something similar before. We’ve made mistakes, and have learned from them. What this means is we don’t need to experiment with your matter – because we’ve already been through that.

Your case will be handled accurately and properly – and our track record speaks for itself.

Reputation, the Dr Visa brand and Our Partners

We’ve built up CP International and Dr. Visa to be well known brands, so our reputation is one of the most important things – it is the basis of our success, and we live and die by it.

If something’s a potential problem – we’ll tell you, then show you how we’ll fix it. We don’t believe in dodgy dealings, missing information or covering things up – all of our consultants act with honesty and with integrity. All our clients’ matters are handled properly, ethically and confidentially – which means that you can rest assured your matter will be handled the right way.

We only work with high-quality institutions and partners – to make sure that our clients receive a proper, quality education.

The Experts in Education and Migration to Australia for Thai Nationals

Very simply, we are the experts when it comes to Education and Migration for Thai nationals.

Nobody can offer the unique blend of advice regarding education and migration pathways that we can, and thus nobody else can show you how to maximise your options for a better and brighter future.

Whatever our matter – we’ll handle it properly and with our full knowledge and experience so that you don’t need to worry about it.

Multiple Registered Migration Agents on Staff

We have multiple Australian Registered Migration Agents (RMAs) on staff at our offices.

All RMAs are required to be formally education in Australian Migration Law and Practice, and to abide by a professional Code of Conduct set by the Australian Government.

This means that any migration or visa advice you receive from CP International from an RMA is up-to-date, ethical, above board and correct. This is distinctly different from the majority of education agencies who are not authorised or trained to provide visa advice or immigration assistance.

Additionally, we are members of the Migration Institute of Australia, the peak industry body for migration professionals in Australia.

Bilingual Staff

You can speak with us in whichever language you prefer – English, Thai or Mandarin.

We get and understand that many people prefer working with someone who can speak their native tongue – and for this reason, all of our staff speak at least 2 languages, for your peace of mind.

We understand the complexities of culture, law and regulations in Thailand and Australia at a very personal level, and because of this we are able to provide you with accurate advice – and are able to explain it in a way that you understand.

International Presence

We have offices in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Melbourne and Sydney – so anytime you want, you can dial a local number and talk to a person in your timezone.

You are also welcome to walk in and see us anytime during business hours, no matter where you are.

Whatever your matter requires, we can follow up on locally – whether that’s contacting the Australian Embassy in Bangkok on your behalf, or visiting a school in Melbourne in-person to sort out your attendance issues.

Exceptional Client Service

We aim to deliver exceptional client service for all our clients – which means that we listen to your problems and issues and concerns, and make sure that we really understand them, because your problems are important and significant, and they matter.

Caring and Professional

We treat our own people as our family at work and we treat our clients the same way – when you work with us, you become part of the CP International Family.

This means that we’ll handle your case like we were handling it for one of our own – so you receive the caring attention you deserve and can rest assured that your case is being handled professionally.

Accessibility and Responsiveness

We get it – it’s 2020.

Sometimes when you’ve got a burning question, or just have to know right now.

For this reason, we make ourselves accessible by phone, on LINE, on Messenger and even in person – you can stop by any of our offices, any time.

Not convinced? Read some of our past client’s testimonials and see what they have to say.

And when you’re ready for us to help with your matter – contact us here.