“Australia” is one of the most developed and prosperous countries in the world. Its GDP reaches AUD$ 1.69 trillion in 2017 and the wealth rate per adult is second only to Switzerland.

Australia’s national property is AUD$ 8.9 trillion worth, of which the figures is calculated back in June 2016. It is ranked the 14th world biggest international economics by nominal GDP and its GDP has been constantly growing in the past 26 years. Even though there is a decline in mining industry in the later years, Australia’s economics is not wavered. It is able to maintain its flexibility and usher prosperity in by service-based business marketing and others which sustain its economics level since 1991 to the present. As a result, Australian citizens live a quality life and the country becomes one of famous leading countries in the world.

Furthermore, Australia has several abundant natural resources, beautiful landscapes, pristine environment, and fresh air. There is also no snowing to cause any living or traffic troubles. Numerous facilities are provided for its citizens as well, be it on health, education, occupations, business, economics freedom, and citizen and civil rights. Many of Australia’s cities are ranked as one of the world best cities to live in, including Melbourne, which has been ranked first for 7 consecutive years, Adelaide, and Perth.

(Source: https://www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/articles/2017-08-16/melbourne-is-still-chief-among-the-best-cities-to-live-in-the-world)

Because Australian government has policies supporting international students who go to Australia for study and welcomes people with skills and qualifications in several fields to permanently live in, the country attracts many students across the world to continue their study there, including investors, businessmen, and those full of skills and talents from around the world to reside in Australia.

Many people claim that Australia is “a land of golden opportunity” for those who want to live a high-quality life and build a strong future, not only for themselves but also their family as well.  The people who get Australia’s PR (Permanent Residence) will be able to receive several privileges, for example:

  1. The right to live, work, or study in Australia permanently. The government will issue a 5-year visa called “Resident Return Visa” (RRV) which will provide convenience in traveling. The person holding an expired RRV can continue to reside in Australia. When they need to travel abroad again, they can apply for a new RRV over and over until they get Australian nationality.
  2. Can apply for Australian Citizen after holding PR for a number of designated years and have all qualities that Citizen Application Laws requires. It is very lucky for Thai people like us that we can have 2 nationalities as dual citizen and hold 2 passports which assist us in traveling around the world. Several people claim that Australian passport values more than gold as it allows you to enter more than 169 countries across the world without visa. Therefore, Australian passport ranks the first among 10 world best passports.
  3. Do a full-time job in any field you want, but you cannot apply for the military or get involved in politics until receiving Australian citizen.
  4. The right to get a health card called “Medicare” which is used to get medical treatment for free for bulk billing doctors. Moreover, the people who buy health insurance will be able to pay a cheaper price as Australian PR.
  5. The right to receive social welfare. Those holding Australian PR can use a service from Centrelink, a social welfare service department. For example, students who are still studying, people who are unemployed, bedridden patients who have no strength to work, elders who are already retired, and the disabled who have hard times to do anything can get living expense support from the government for free, or a part depending on each case.
  6. Study kindergarten to senior high school at public school for free. After entering a university, you can loan money from the government to pay education fee for free which is called HELP system. You can repay the loan in the form of tax deduction after you graduate and get a job. You also get to study in TAFE, a public technical and further education in several states across the country.
  7. Travel in and out of New Zealand without visa.
  8. Can be a sponsor for family members in applying PR, such as partner, parents, and child.
  9. For foreigners holding Australian PR, they can receive AUD10,000 First Home Owner Grant when buying their first house. Moreover, they do not have to pay for revenue tax as they buy the house for living in, therefore, they are not under the control of Foreign Investment Review Board. They can also buy real property in Australia as they are already a permanent resident or PR.
  10. The right of being PR also gives benefits to the children born within Australia as they will receive Australian nationality as soon as they are born. Which means, the children will be allowed to use all the rights as an Australian.
  11. Having Australian nationality helps us get Credit rating in loaning money for buying houses, cars, and applying for credits easier as well.

“Australia” offers opportunities to people from other countries across the world. Therefore, many of them choose it as their first destination as they know they can apply for Temporary Graduate Visa which lets them work in Australia for 2 years. Furthermore, there are also Sponsor Visa from clients and other types of visa which will become a pathway to get Australian PR, Australian citizen, and ultimately dual citizen in the future.

However, the way to get Permanent Residence (PR) and become Australian citizen is a time-consuming process. The individuals must also have all the qualifications the Australian government requires at the time they apply for the visa. If you want to know whether you have the right to apply for student visa or PR visa or not, we suggest you meet and get evaluated by our Registered Migration Agent (RMA). This meeting with us could change the course of your life and pave a pathway to a new future. More information please contact:

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