Hello everyone, it is almost a semester break now and many people are going to graduate in the near future so don’t you want to try something new at Australia. Let create your new inspiration at Australia by taking short English course along with excited vacation. However, if you already graduated, you can do both studying and working at the same time there. If you wish to know more about this institutions, let’s go through some brief introduction with CP International.

How is the program?

  • It is an English course studying in Australia in which new students can begin their classes in every Monday.
  • The students will be assigned to each class depend on their English level. There will be English language assessment first and students can be sure that they will be assigned to the appropriate classes.
  • Students will be able to fully practice their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills by professionally native speakers.
  • Students will have a chance to meet new friends from many nations, such as Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, South America, Europe, and etc.
  • After graduate, every student will get a certificate after their completion.

Course duration

  • The duration of short course is approximately 5 to 10 weeks which is really suitable for students who are taking a summer break.
  • The duration of long course will start from 12 weeks to 1 year. ( For anyone who takes course more than 12 weeks, they will have a right to do part-time job 40 hours a fortnight.)

** You can make a decision how many weeks you wish to study as per you convenience.

We believe that everyone must have your dream destination since each person has your own life-style. However, another main issue that people always concern with is where they should take the course. Should they take English language course at English language institution or TAFE or English Language Centre at the university? Let see their differences and find the one that is right to you.
English Language institution
There are various price level with international teaching quality and full accommodation. Moreover, many institution also provides pathway to university.

Since it is government’s college so it emphasizes on teaching quality. Students will have a chance to meet new friends from many nation around the world. After graduation, students can continue studying the higher level courses, such as diploma and Bachelor Degree.

English Language Centre at the university
Since it belongs to the university so the teaching quality is excellent as equivalent to university standard. The tuition fee is somehow quite high but some of them offer scholarship to support Thai students. The students can use all accommodations provided by the university. Furthermore, the students can either continue study undergraduate or postgraduate program after their course completion.

Make a decision on your study plan is very significant so good institutes and environment are one of the main factors that affect your learning capability. Therefore, CP International would like to introduce some desirable institutes via this link so that everyone can clearly see the details of each institutions.

If you can’t imagine what you will have to study there, let have a look at the time table above.

Therefore, exclusive with the 20th year celebration of CP International along with top-class institutions from Australia, students who apply within this February (but do not need to commence the class within this month) will get:
– 6,600 THB free for tuition fee
– Promotion from top-class university in Australia
– 6,600 THB cash back for dual application if apply more than 10 weeks ( Each applicant does not need to study at the same institute.)
Please feel free to come and get advice from CP International’ s staffs.