Medical Treatment Visa (Subclass 602)

Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602

The Medical Treatment Visa (Subclass 602) is a visa for visitors who want to go to Australia to obtain medical treatment on a temporary visa.

It is usually granted for up to 3 months and can be applied for by the person undergoing medical treatment, or by someone going to advise, advocate for or emotionally/otherwise support a person undergoing medical treatment.

The visa covers all medical procedures whether they are minor or major or life-saving or cosmetic, but it does not cover alternative health therapies or surrogate motherhood.

It is best to think of the Medical Treatment Visa as a tourist visa for medical care.

Criteria for Medical Treatment Visa

There are a number of scenarios under which the Medical Treatment Visa is granted:

  1. Standard medical care, whereby evidence of medical treatment (from a doctor) is presented in the visa application, and appointments are already made.
  2. Organ donations.
  3. A short visit to Australia for a health examination or consultation with a medical professional.
  4. As a support person for someone undergoing medical treatment. This is usually limited to 1-2 people per person.
  5. As someone on a different temporary visa but medically unfit to depart from Australia (note: this is a rare/unusual circumstance).

There are also a number of other standard criteria applicable to the Medical Treatment visa, such as:

  • A genuine intention to remain as a temporary visitor in Australia.
  • Not disadvantaging an Australian citizen or permanent resident from receiving medical treatment.
  • No risk to public health.
  • An ability to cover the costs of treatment and travel.

Applying for a Medical Treatment Visa

As Australian Registered Migration Agents, we can help you apply for a Medical Treatment visa from both inside Australia and outside of Australia.

It is possible to apply both online and with a paper application, and dependents are usually NOT allowed.

If you are applying as support person you will need to apply after the main applicant has been granted a visa already.

Duration and Conditions of a Medical Treatment Visa

Like a tourist visa, a medical treatment visa will be granted for single or multiple entry and can be extended once you are in Australia, depending on your treatment plan.

The usually conditions of no work, no studies/training for more than 3 months and a discretionary “no further stay” also apply.

We have successfully helped clients undergo medical treatment in Australia in the past, even for cosmetic procedures such as orthodontics. We can also help you determine if it is better to apply online or by paper, and if you have to pay the Visa Application Charge or not (under certain circumstances you do not).

Contact us here today to book in a consultation or discuss your medical treatment visa options.