I Want to Obtain Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia

I want to obtain Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia

Would you like to migrate permanently to Australia? Would you also like to bring your family with you?

That’s great!

Australia is a very successful multicultural country and society – it’s literally the land of migrants. Over 26% of Australian are born overseas, and over 20% or second-generation immigrants. That means that almost half our population recently arrived from overseas!

The easiest way to get started on the path to permanent residency is to book a consultation with us today!

Options for Permanent Residency (PR)

Options for Permanent Residency (PR)

There are many different ways of obtaining permanent residency (PR) in Australia.

Every person’s situation (including yours) is different, and you may have options that other people do not have access to. The best thing to do is to book a consultation with us so that we can help you find your ideal PR pathway.

Broadly speaking, you can:

  • Have someone sponsor you to become a permanent resident.
  • Go to work in Australia and transition over to permanent residency.
  • Demonstrate that you have an in-demand profession or trade and apply for permanent residency.
  • Open a business or invest in Australia and eventually become a permanent resident.

Want to sponsor a loved one to Australia?

If you are looking to sponsor a partner (also spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend) or family member to Australia, absolutely get in touch with us and we’ll see if there is a permanent residency (PR) pathway open for them.

Benefits of Permanent Residency

Here are some of the benefits of being an Australian permanent resident:

  • You can live in Australia forever.
  • You have full work rights (work permit) which makes it much easier to get a good job in Australia.
  • You can bring your family with you as dependents on your visa.
  • You have access to a world-class healthcare system, called Medicare.
  • You have access to a social security safety net, called Centrelink.
  • Your children are automatically Australian citizens if they are born in Australia.
  • Your children can study free at some of the best schools and universities in the world.
  • YOU can study at a local student rate (much less than international student fees).
  • You can eventually become an Australian citizen.
  • You can sponsor your family or loved ones to join you in Australia.
  • The Australian government will look after you in many ways – for example, childcare rebates, paid maternity leave and grants to help you buy your first home.
  • The Australian government helps to look after you when you travel overseas with their network of embassies and consulates.
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