NAATI Certification

We offer NAATI-accredited Thai Language Translation Services for Thai-English and English-Thai translations, back by a combined 50+ years of Thai and English language experience.

NAATI-accreditation means that our translations are certified and accredited under the Australian National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI), meaning that our translations can be used in matters with the Australian government, New Zealand government or the private sector.

We particularly specialise in translations for the purpose of Australian visa applications, where NAATI-accredited translations can be used directly and without additional certification from the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Australian Embassy in Bangkok, saving you both time and costs.

NAATI Certification

Our primary translator is Pip Panasbodi, practitioner ID CPN5MO45A.

Document Types

We can translate any document you require from Thai to English or English to Thai, and we particularly specialise in:

  • Standard Thai identity documents: National ID Card, Family Book (House Registry), Birth Certificate.
  • Thai marriage, single status or divorce documents and certificates.
  • Thai death certificates.
  • Thai legal name change certificates.
  • Thai adoption papers.
  • Thai driver licence.
  • Thai education (university) transcripts, testamurs and certificates
  • Thailand police reports and police clearance.
  • Thai contracts, including sale and purchase agreements, lease agreements and land transfer agreements.
  • Business letters, personal letters and formal letters.
  • News articles and theses.

Why Choose CP International?

We’ve helped over 15,000 clients in our 20+ years of business.

One of our Core Values is “Get Done” – delivering quality work to our clients on time and at an affordable cost.

All our translations also include a complimentary certified copy service, whereby you will be provided with complimentary certified copies of:

  1. Your translated document.
  2. Your translation certificate.
  3. Certified copies of any originals sighted by a Justice of the Peace at any of our offices.

We keep all our client information confidential, and have the proper checks and privacy restrictions in place to ensure that originals and translations are only released to the client or their authorised representative.

We are a 100% Australian-owned company with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Bangkok and Chiang Mai for your convenience.

ACN: 077 913 396

ABN: 17 077 913 396

Here are some other reasons to choose CP International.

Fees & Costs

CP INTERNATIONAL asks for your kind cooperation in not collecting the original translation in person at any offices. The translation will be sent to you by post only in following to the policy of Social Distancing.

Standard Texts

$38.50 per English 100 words

1,000 baht per English 100 words

Document Types

personal letters, statement of purpose, simple agreements, transcripts, financial statements, power of attorney, wills, police reports1,000 baht per English 100 words

Pro Forma

(standard government-issued documents)

NAATI: $55 or 1,300 baht per document

Non-NAATI: $44 or1,100 baht per document

Document Types

Birth certificate, marriage certificate, ID cards, single status certificates, name change certificates, family book/house registry, education certificates, death certificates.

Semi-Complex Texts

$44 per English 100 words

1,100 baht per English 100 words

Document Types

Commercial contracts, lease agreements, arrest warrants.

Complex Texts

$55 per 100 English words

1,300 baht per English 100 words

Document Types

Medical and legal texts.

NAATI Translation Affidavit

$110 per piece (does not include translation cost)

We do not offer this service in Thailand.

Additional Copies

$1 per page

30 baht per page

Administration Charge for Additional JP-Certified Copies

$20 per page

500 baht per page

Please note that we do not charge for JP Certification as per the JP Code of Conduct, but we do have an administrative charge for copies.

Express Translation

25% loading on any quoted translation

Postage & Handling Charges

Bangkok and vicinity: 100 baht / $4

Other Thai provinces: 150 baht / $6

Within Australia: $11

How It Works

1. Fill in the online quotation form and select your options.

2. We’ll auto-calculate your pricing for standard documents OR send you a manual quote for complex documents.

 3. Pay via bank transfer.

4. We translate your documents.

5. Your documents will be sent back to you by post or email.

Our Translation Team

Pip Panasbodi – NAATI ID CPN5MO45A. Accredited professional translator since 1984.

Chris Panasbodi – NAATI ID CPN1DS27. Accredited professional translator since 1988.