1. How is your study in Sydney?

Studying in Sydney is fun as I like the chaos in a big city. It also holds several events so I never get bored. The school is also great and the teachers take care of the students very well. However, sometimes, the school is quite strict on using English as in class the students must speak in English only. There’s almost no Thai people here; my class has only one Thai student, so I have to speak in English all the time. It’s truly an international class. The courses are also various and you can always change them. Moreover, you can choose to either study in the morning or in the evening. They’re very flexible.

2. Do you have anything to say to CP Inter staff?

CP Inter staff help me a lot, starting from finding the courses I desired, calculating the budget I have, to preparing documents, residence, and lodging visa. They work very fast; I wait only for 3-4 days for my visa. I also get to go to Australia 1 month ahead of schedule and that’s very impressive.

3. Do you have anything to say to the people who are going to study abroad?

I want to tell you, who are going to study abroad, to prepare yourselves well, be it about food, wares, personal medicines, or whatsoever. The most important thing is readying yourselves; readying to face with everything, both good and bad. There’s always something new to learn from when you are going to new places, and there’s nobody who is better at helping you than yourself when you’re abroad. And if you can go through all of these and come back home, you’ll be a whole different person who is better and more mature.