I Want to Join Family in Australia

If you are thinking about joining a family member in Australia then you are very fortunate! Your visa options to go to Australia will be easier than for most other people.

Discover all your options for joining a family member is Australia by speaking with one of our Registered Migration Agents (RMAs) or offshore migration consultants today!

Here are some of the popular ways people can join their family or loved ones in Australia.

Join someone who is studying

Most people don’t know that you can potentially join a partner (or boyfriend/girlfriend) or parent or child who is already studying in Australia. Contact us to find out more.

Join someone on holiday

If one of your loved ones is holidaying in Australia, it only makes sense to go with them!

Join your partner or spouse

If you have an Australian partner, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, you may be able to join them temporarily or permanently in Australia. Contact us to find out more.

Get married

If you’ve fallen in love with an Australian permanent resident (PR) or citizen (they are charming after all!), you may be able to join them and get married. Contact us to find out more.

Join your children

If your children are studying or already living in Australia, then as a parent you may be able to join them temporarily or permanently. Just ask us how.

Join your parents

If your parents already live, work or study in Australia, you may be able to go with them.

Join a relative who already lives in Australia

If you have a relative living in Australia as a permanent resident or citizen, they may be able to help you obtain residency in Australia.

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