I Want to Start a Business/Invest in Australia

If you are entrepreneur, SME owner or business owner and want to do business or invest in Australia, then we can help.

Starting a business or investing in Australia is a popular pathway to permanent residency (PR) for people with solid business or investing track record and who have had success in the business world.

In particular, at CP International we have a solid track record of helping high net-worth individuals obtain Significant Investor Visas (SIV) leading to permanent residency for themselves and their families in Australia.

Discover all your business and investment options for permanent residency (PR) by speaking with one of our Registered Migration Agents (RMAs) or offshore migration consultants today!

Just visiting

If you are just visiting Australia for business meetings, conferences or otherwise, you can enter Australia on a visitor visa to conduct business visitor activities.

In fact… we send our own team members from overseas to Australia on similar visas all the time!

We can help you apply – just get in touch with us here.

Opening a business

As you know, opening a new business is no easy task, let alone navigating the complex legislation surrounding visas for business owners. We can help with that by seeing if you qualify for this visa pathway and if you will be able to obtain Australian permanent residency and citizenship down the line.

Investing in Australia

If you have already had success in the business or investing worlds, and are interested in investing in Australia as way to migrate, we can help you work out how much you need (Australia has different classes of investors), and how to follow the correct migration regulations so that you and your family can obtain permanent residency and citizenship.

How we can help

CP International’s expertise is in immigration advice and visas – we will make sure that everything is done by-the-book and legally, so that you and your family can obtain the migration outcome you want, and so that your status is not jeopardised in the future.

We also work closely with a number of world-class advisors, lawyers and private investment firms who can help you identify complying investments and help handle the financial side of your business opening or investment.

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