Professional Fees

Our Professional Fees

We charge professional fees for the migration / visa services that we provide.

There are usually two components to migration matters:

  1. Initial consultation.
  2. Professional fees for case work.

If you are looking for a study abroad / education consultation, they are 100% free, please click here to find out more.

Consultation Fees

If you are looking for detailed immigration assistance (migration / visa advice), we recommend that you start with a consultation with one of our Registered Migration Agents or offshore migration consultants as your starting point. This will let you know if you need a migration agent (or not!) and what realistic options you have in achieving your desired migration outcome.

Our consultations can be done face-to-face at one of our offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Bangkok or Chiang Mai, or can be done over a phone or video call.

During and after your consultation you will receive:

  • Details of visa options.
  • Information on what criteria you need to meet.
  • Any critical dates or timelines.
  • An understanding of the main stages of your migration matter.
  • An indication of costs and processing time.
  • A written summary of our advice to you.
  • A chance to ask questions.

Our consultation fee costs can be found on our Book Consultation page.

Tip: You will get a 10-25% discount if you complete and pay for your booking online via our website.

You will get a 10-25% discount if you complete and pay for your booking online via our website.

Professional Fees

We can act on your behalf in applying for a visa to Australia.

We charge a professional fee for this service.

The fee will vary depending on which visa you are applying for and your individual circumstances. This is because you are a unique individual and your migration matter is unique to you, and requires individual attention.

We are happy to provide a detailed no-obligation quote to you following an initial consultation, which is why we highly recommend that all new clients book a migration / visa consultation with us first. This quotation will outline the details of work to be completed, a contract for services provided and a detailed estimate of charges associated with your matter. It is our policy to make sure that you are aware of all potential charges upfront before agreeing to work with us.

We normally provide quotations based on a fixed fee basis rather than an hourly rate, as with over 20+ years of experience in handling migration matters, we have become quite good at estimating the complexity of migration matters.

We aim to give you the best return on investment for your money, with frequent communication and updates and ongoing support as your matter proceeds.

Backed by Australian Trust Accounting Standards

We go one step beyond most migration agents and work on an Australian Trust Accounting standard. This means that any payments you make to us are held in a separate Trust account, and we will only bill you for any work completed or costs incurred. What this means for you is that we don’t get paid until we finish all our work for you, so you can rest assured that your case is being given the attention it deserves!

We usually charge fees in instalments, reflecting the various stages of the immigration process. Additionally, you are free to terminate the process at any time and we will provide you with a full refund minus any costs and work time already incurred.

Free Help and Advice

All of our migration agents and consultants are asked on a daily basis for free help and advice – it’s just an occupational hazard!

In compliance with professional standards established by MARA, we tend to answer general questions only.

We do offer a lot of general (and interesting!) advice for free here on our website and on the attached Dr Visa blogs in English and in Thai.

We are happy to examine your case and your situation for a fee – we incur costs in looking over your matter, in keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing legislation and it is only fair that clients pay a fair price for this.

Good professional advice can help save you thousands of dollars, hours and days of your time, and will give you peace of mind. If you are not willing to pay a fair price for such advice, it shows that you don’t value our services or your own migration matter.

Other Options

We can help you perform any part of your visa application, from managing the entire process or to just assisting you with a small part of it.

We have three levels of service that we offer to our clients:

2. CP Lodge
60% of fees

If you have prepared your own documents and think they are lodgement-ready and want a professional opinion before it is lodged, we can help perform a check and lodge service for you.

We will:

  • Check your documents.
  • Lodge them online for you.

Please note that you will be responsible for any following up from the Department of Home Affairs, and that any additional work or questions following lodgement will be charged at our standard hourly rate.

3. CP Check
30% of fees

If you are confident that you have a decision-ready application just want a final professional opinion for your case, we can check your documents for you prior to you submitting the application yourself.

We will:

  • Check your documents.
  • Provide you with advice and a professional opinion regarding your application.

Please note that you will be responsible for any following up from the Department of Home Affairs, and that any additional work or questions following our service will be charged at our standard hourly rate.

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