Macquarie International will provide AU$10,000 annually towards tuition fees for the length of program

(AU$5,000 credited against tuition fees per semester). This means students enrolling into a 4-year program could be eligible to receive AUD$40,000. If the program is 2-years it would be AUD$20,000.

To be eligible for this scholarship:

  • Be a citizen of the ASEAN Region (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam)
  • Meet the Academic and English requirements for entry to a Macquarie University degree meeting the deadlines listed below
  • Enrol and begin your course as per your Offer Letter. Maintain your enrolment throughout your course in a full-time study load
  • Accept your Offer letter and pay the commencement fee by the acceptance deadlines listed below

Important notes:

  • You’re not eligible if you are a citizen of Australia or New Zealand, or hold permanent residency of Australia
  • Students who have already have an accepted offer are not eligible. This is a new scholarship offer and approved fund.  Students who have already accepted will have received or may be eligible to the $5k ASEAN Scholarship
  • You’re not eligible if you have received any other Macquarie University scholarship for this course of study, unless you have been advised otherwise by a representative of the university
  • To remain eligible for this scholarship, you must stay enrolled in your original approved course of study and pass all units within the course
  • Students applying for an English/Degree package where the degree commences in 2019 and they accept the English/Degree package prior to the deadline for the degree are also eligible for the $10k ASEAN Scholarship

For full terms and conditions on the ASEAN Scholarship and a full list of all scholarships available to international students, visit

We are very excited to be announcing this initiative for the ASEAN region and will work closely with you as our Key Partner to promote. Please contact me if any further information or clarification is required on the ASEAN Scholarship. I will also be in contact to follow up and work with you on promotion of this initiative.  We would like to work to see this listed on your websites, to undertake digital and social media promotion as well as some traditional print where suitable.

Programs and Acceptance Deadlines

Programs commencing in:

Session 1 2019 (Feb): 21 December 2018

Session 2 2019 (July): 14 June 2019


MGSM and AFC programs commencing in:

MGSM Term 1 2019 (Jan): 26 November 2018

MGSM Term 2 2019 (Apr): 18 February 2019

MGSM Term 3 2019 (June): 13 May 2019

MGSM Term 4 2019 (Sept): 5 August 2019

MUIC programs commencing in:

MUIC Term 1 2019 (Feb): 7 January 2019

MUIC Term 2 2019 (Apr): 4 March 2019

MUIC Term 4 2019 (July): 1 July 2019

MUIC Term 5 2019 (Oct): 10 September 2019

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