Recently, “The Australian” newspaper published an interesting article related to Australian partner visas scheme. Dr. Bob Birrell, a professor of demography from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia commented that there are loopholes in rules and regulations of permanent visas for people who want to work and live in Australia through partner visa options. Nowadays, many people opt for partner visa as a pathway to settle and work in Australia as they are easier to achieve than pursuing other visa options, which to many, are almost impossible, such as skilled visas or employer nomination options, etc.Dr. Birrell also comments about the popularity of partner visas at present time. During 2011 to 2015, the number of partner visa grants was risen from 41,994 to 47,825. Moreover, he added that the government should raise the standard of approval for partner visas to be a lot more stricter as practised in other western countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Denmark, Netherland, etc.

Complicated and Problematic Cases of Partner Visa Seminar by Dr. Visa.

Dr. Birrell continued by commenting that people are taking advantages of Australia visa system. Many apply for partner visa as if it was a game whilst the relationship was not genuine. Partner visa was chosen as their best option due to it was too difficult for them to achieve the other types of visas. Hence, this visa option is the easiest and shortest path to bring them to become an Australian Permanent Resident (PR). The Australian government should toughen the laws as Australia has the easiest visa path to PR when compared to other western countries around the world. Recent statistics show 25% of all Australian visas filed from all over the world are for partner visas. Dr. Birrell suggested that the number was jsut too high, making one wonders how many applicants are real?

Complicated and Problematic Cases of Partner Visa Seminar by Dr. Visa.

From his research, the criteria for a Partner visa is really quite simple, such as to be an Australian sponsor, one just needs to be over 18, didn’t matter if he/she has sufficient supporting funds or job, some are still living with their parents and they are qualified to sponsor a partner. All they need to do is to prove their relationship is in existence, there’s no need for English test or any other qualification requirements – that simple!

Statistics also show that most partner visa applicants arrive in Australia on a student or visitor temporary visa the majority are of asian background who temporarily visit Australia, met someone, took the partner home to meet with their family and then apply for a partner visa. These kinds of couples add burden to the Australian people and economy especially in Sydney and Melbourne. They are not like those who arrive under skilled visa or working visa who are ready to work and commit a great deed to the Australian economy. The Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, Hon. David Coleman commented that the government already has a strict plan for all visa applications. He said that the number of partner visa grants will be limited at only 39,799.

Complicated and Problematic Cases of Partner Visa Seminar by Dr. Visa.

From the past 22 years working in the migration industry, one point I note is every time a university professor launches an articles or conducts any research related to any visa issues, the government more or less, would take some actions to verify or change those visa criteria, rules, regulations and policies – and this often leads to a more difficult process for visa applications; like the changes for student visas back on 1 July 2016 as a good example. Hence, I encourage all who are in a genuine relationship with an Australian partner to file for their partner visa as soon as possible before the rules and regulations are changed, which normally will be  harder to achieve, not to mention more expensive!

However, the path to achieve an Australian partner visa has not always been smooth. My last article wrote about some sample cases of complicated partner visa. Those genuine cases were not easy cases without any obstacles.Talking from a practitioner point of view, I do not 100% agree with the Professor that the rules for partner visas are not that strict. There are many genuine couples who have to overcome countless obstacles in their life to finally achieve a PR in Australia through partner visas. From the many years of experience, I still regard the Australian government as a fair-din-cum government full of humanitarians, especially with true cases of applicants suffering domestic violence such as in cases of mentally or physically abuses. All I can say is those sufferers could actually become PR on their own without the continued sponsorship of the abusive sponsor. Our team has helped many couples in the past twenty odd years to achieve their PR without having to suffer the abusive relationship.

Complicated and Problematic Cases of Partner Visa Seminar by Dr. Visa.

If you are interested in learning about Australian partner visas or having any friends or relatives who are currently intending to apply or are applying for a partner visa; or people who have already been granted a two-year temporary visa and are having problems with their partners who threaten to withdraw their visas for any reason – you are invited to join the seminar conducted by the Dr. Visa team on Saturday 17 August 2019 from 13.00 to 16.00 pm at the CP International, 9th floor, Phaholyothin place towerm, BTS Ari.  Please pre-register at

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