I Want to Get Married or Sponsor My Partner / De Facto

I want to get married or sponsor my partner or de facto

Fallen in love with a dashing Australian gentleman or beautiful Australian lady? Lucky you!

Or if you’re Australian – have you charmed a handsome foreign gentleman or beautiful foreign lady and want them to join you in Australia? Lucky you too!

The next step in both circumstances is to have the love of your life join you in Australia and start building a life together.

The easiest way to get started with your partner visa is to book a consultation with us today!

Here’s what you need to do.

Most people think that simply registering a marriage is enough to apply for a partner visa – unfortunately, it’s not. There is much more to sponsoring or joining the love of your life in Australia.

Before you do anything, please book a consultation with one of our Registered Migration Agents or offshore migration consultants. The earlier into your relationship you are, the more options you will have. We’ll not only help you obtain a partner visa, but also make sure that the two of you can be (physically) together faster, even while waiting for the visa to finish processing.

It doesn’t matter if you are married, thinking of getting married, or in a de facto relationship (common law marriage / registered relationship) – we can help you out. It doesn’t if you are a man, woman or otherwise and who you partner is either. We regularly help same-sex, third gender and transgender couples with their partner visa matters and we can help you too.

In particular, with offices in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, we specialise in sponsoring partners from Thailand to Australia.

Book a Consultation with one of our Registered Migration Agents or offshore migration consultants today, or have us call you back with more information!