Many people who are interesting in Nursing course either Bachelor’s or Master’s degree must have heard of Australian Catholic University. Australian Catholic University is very famous in Nursing course. It is on the top 3 rank of Best Nursing School in Australia.

For this university, students can choose campus and city that they would like to study either Brisbane or Melbourne or Sydney.

In addition, students will have opportunities to experience studying in Top Nursing School with world class equipment. Studying at this university, you will get new and interesting experience which can positively affect your salary base in the future.

Study Nursing at Australian Catholic University
Australian Catholic University opens the Nursing program since mid-19th century and there are more than 5000 Nursing students in every campuses nowadays. Hence, you can be confident in experience and quality of ACU’s Nursing school which is on the top rank of Australia.
In year 2017, the university reviewed website, which is, has ranked the best Nursing School in Australia and the result showed that ACU was on the top three. By the way, this rank was measured from 3 main factors including size or number of students, students’ satisfaction, and indicative graduate salary.

1. Nursing School Size
The data is collected from statistic of students in each institute which is the best indication of quality and reputation of each institute. For ACU’s Nursing School, it is the biggest Nursing School which consisted of 6,518 students in year 2017. Due to everlasting ACU’s reputation, the number of students, both Australian and international, who are interested in studying at ACU are is increasing every year.

2. Student’s Satisfaction
The outcome is from the survey of students’ satisfaction to the institutes they are currently studying. For ACU, students rate the score up to 80% which reflects satisfaction of students from both inside and outside the classroom. ACU has organized many activities to encourage students’ quality including raising job opportunity and creating social work program.
ACU’s Nursing School set up a model clinic and a clinic for community so that students will have chances to meet with real patients. These activities are created for students to learn and get ready to work in the future. In addition, there is an exchange program to many countries around the world. The staffs at ACU are very welcome to take care and give advice on study, adaptation, and how to get job in the future.

3. Indicative Graduate Salary
The survey is from average Indicative Graduate Salary of each institute. The Indicative Graduate Salary of ACU is approximately AUD 45,044 which is quite high and reasonable from high standard and quality of both students and courses. Moreover, both indoor and outdoor activities of ACU also increase an opportunity of students’ improvement and work in the future.

If anyone is interesting in Nursing course at Australian Catholic University, you can get more information here.
A big opportunity to nursing career is waiting for you at ACU!!!