Mrs May lets children pay respects to their grandmother.

Hello, everyone. Long time no see! Today, I have some interesting news to share. Even though the weather is quite gloomy lately, I’m sure what I’m going to tell you will blow all the clouds away! Let’s begin with hot news from Australia. In the last August, the country has nominated Mr. Hon Scott Morrison as the 31st Prime Minister.

The government is expected to see more of Australia immigration potential as the newly nominated Prime Minister was an immigration minister once. Seems like we have to keep an eye on Australia to see what politic changes will do to the immigration rules. We’ll update you once we have more information on this.

Good news on Partner Visa must cause many of lovey-dovey couples overjoyed. We’re also glad to be a part of making this happiness happen. You can see from the picture where our kindhearted customer is sharing their hope and joy. We root for those who still haven’t lodged visa or are going to submit Refugee Visa and move to live in Australia. No matter what lies ahead, you can always call Doctor Visa’s team for suggestions and advises. We are ready to solve your problems with our 20 years of experience and tremendous knowledge on laws which will definitely lead you to a happy ending.

Doctor Visa doesn’t have only good news for couples, but also those who want to study diploma and degree courses in Australia during intake in February next year as well. There’s no time to rest, as Student Visa has become inconsistent recently; it can take a short or unbearable long time to get it. Moreover, some people have to submit 2-3 times for the visa before it is granted. Some agents even say that it depends on pure “luck”. However, we, CP International, are lucky as we have several professional consultants who are expert on education and visa and ready to help you in every way, be it about enrolling in your desired course or lodging visa. We will do our best to make sure you get what you want.

Since there are so many people ask me about visa refusal and cancellation, I think I should make it clear to get rid of all misunderstandings: even though your visa gets refused, you can still submit a new visa application if you have all required qualifications or think that you receive an unfair treatment. However, it would be a completely different story if your visa gets cancelled as you’ll be banned from entering Australia for 3 years. Although there’s a way to solve this problem, it’ll be a lot more complicated as there’s the issue of Public Interest Criteria 4019 and hence we must find a good excuse to tell the ambassador. In the next article, I’ll talk more on this matter so you won’t do anything that could violate the rules or get tricked by bad agents and change your course mindlessly which ultimately causes your visa to get cancelled. Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it?

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